Riverdale FC Centres

30th April 2018

Riverdale Football Club took us up on our medal offer. And as part of that they got their own customised centres.

ActiSport Medal Centres

5th April 2018

ActiSport in Newcastle, Co Down are the latest organisation to add a customised centre to their medals. It really is a cheap way to add that personal touch to your event. Get in touch now […]

Mid Ulster Youth League

7th March 2018

As part of the trophies and medals that we showed you a few days ago for the Mid Ulster Youth League… we also had these customised centres made for the medals and centre pieces on […]

Mid Ulster Girls League

30th June 2017

Customised centers for the Mid Ulster Girls league for their medals and trophies for tomorrow’s finals day and blitz day. These are our customised ‘flat’ centers.

Colin Valley Centers

30th June 2017

Two designs for Colin Valley Football Club for their customised centers. Both will be added to medals and trophies for their upcoming tournament. 50 pieces of each design.

Inter Area Swimming Gala

13th June 2017

Check out these new medals for the Inter Area Swimming Gala. They are larger than our standard medals coming in at 70mm in diameter (2.5 inches) and come with a 2 inch customised centre and ribbon. […]

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